Tuberose Bulbs Medium Size

The Tuberose flower is ranked 6th in the world for fragrance! When I am at the market people will tell me they can smell these flowers a block away.

They do not bloom until late July/early August but are well worth the wait. Being night scented the fragrance emanates from the flowers starting around 7PM in the evening and lasting through the night. The fragrance will then go down once daylight arrives, only to again grace us with that incredible scent the next evening. What’s remarkable is that this happens even when you cut the stem and bring the flowers indoors.

Vase life on the cut stems is from 1 to 2 weeks long. If you start with a sparkling clean vase, change the water every day and clip a little off the stem you can get the longest vase life.

No 2’s smaller but still robust they typically produce 1-2 stems the first year. They average 15-20 per pound.