Merry Herbal Remedies


We grow organic medicinal plants to make products that follow scientific, evidence best practice for personal use. Comfrey Gel is applied to sore muscles, joints, bone injuries, bruises, burns (including sunburn), helps neuropathy and tissue regeneration. Plantain Gel is applied topically to bug bites, poison ivy, acne, razor burn, skin irritations, or any itchy small wound. We donate these products to people in need, and we are currently applying for non-profit status.
We offer free classes including Medicinal Plants, Food as a Medicine, and Essential Oils, Dilution and Application. We teach at community centers, schools, colleges, churches, and all information is offered online at no charge. Additional products varying in availability are an organic Merry Lip Gloss, Peppermint Freshener, Bitter Melon Skin Gel, Verbena Rejuvinating Skin Serum, Lavender Skin Moisturizer, Peppermint and Rosemary Foot Balm, and diverse combinations of essential oils for therapeutic uses.

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