JR's Kombucha

Website: jrkombucha@gmail.com

Kombucha was supposed to be a fun and healthy hobby for our family, but we soon discovered the more we got into, the more we had to share it. After years of teaching others about its unique benefits and how to make the craft-brewed fermented teas in their own homes, we noticed something – everyone who’d tasted ours just kept asking us to make more.

Thanks to all our friends, colleagues, family members and kombucha-loving kids, Jude and Rae, the main inspiration behind the JR’s name, our healthy hobby is now a whole-family affair. As the taste testers who helped us perfect our recipes over the years, they made sure JR’s Kombucha was nothing but good before we started bottling it.

Now, you can get in on the goodness, too. Each bottle of our craft-brewed kombucha contains healthy, living probiotics, providing delicious refreshment in every sip. Raise a bottle to your health and to the hope we have for making the most of this kombucha adventure for our family.

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