Diamond Brew Kombucha


Diamond Brew Kombucha was originally founded as JR’s Kombucha in 2014.

In 2021, Fayetteville friends Connor and Sam purchased the business and have been making some exciting changes while staying true to the company’s original principles: locally owned, organic, and small-batch.

Locally Owned
Northwest Arkansas is an incredible place to call home, and Diamond Brew Kombucha is proud to be brewed in Fayetteville. We’re passionate about providing high-quality kombucha to our restaurants, retailers, and farmers market customers all over the region. We’re honored to work in this place we love so dearly, and to be a part of NWA’s rich local food economy!

Diamond Brew Kombucha has been using nothing but organic ingredients since the start. That’s because when you use the highest quality natural ingredients, you get the highest quality brews! We’d never have it any other way.

Small-batch craft brewing allows us to take extra attention and care with each can and keg. Even as we grow, our focus is on getting the little things right, and constantly working to improve our products, day in and day out!

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